Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas & I'm FURIOUS!!!!

Today Mr. Barefeet and I were out doing some shopping for a new TV. Walking through the parking lot we see a fellow( I use this term so very loosely) driving a convertible Volkswagon EOS with the top down and a TV sticking out of it. This in itself is's December in Colorado not Palm Springs. Anyhow upon reaching the entrance this same car is sort of parked in front, engine running, TV sticking out & @ CHILDREN IN THE BACK!!!! One an infant w/no shoes or socks on & the top down the other maybe 5 or 6 years old. Are you $@*^%*&#@^%&* kidding me, who does this ? Mr. Barefeet goes to see if anyone knows what is going on and I stay to check on the kids. Five minutes & several Best Buy employees & finally Daddy Douchebag comes out looking at me like I'm crazy when I ask if this is his car, Douchebag replies " Ya, why."
Really, did you just ask me why dickweed, your kids are in an open running car with no one watching them!!!!! To this he says he just donated $200,000 to charity....oh my bad that makes being an asshole okay then. As he gets in his car & I throw profanities at him & inform him that he is not a good dad and charity should begin at home, He says I'm a bitch (never heard that before) and I punch the car...things like this make me a bit crazy, what can I say.

The morale of this story is people suck, having money doesn't make you exempt from being a human & giving to charity doesn't make you good. Also, if you have $200,000 to donate to charity I doubt you drive a red convertible EOS, drag your kids to Bestbuy instead of leaving them with the nanny and brag about your're simply a douche!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
thanks for reading my rant :)

warm sunny wishes
mrs. barefeet