Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Merry Halloween !!!

As I write this it is snowing outside, not just a bit but a full on dumper! About 16 inches so far, turning thoughts from halloween to Christmas. I'm glad I took some pictures of our halloween decor yesterday because today it's buried in snow.

I love halloween, always have. Since being married and having little barefeet, as with all holidays, it has more meaning and importance. It begins every year for us at the pumpkin festival picking an oversized wagon full of perfect pumpkins add some corn stocks and straw bales and you have what will become
the barefeet haunted pumpkin patch.

Little barefeet loves scary halloween decorations so as he has got older we are adding some more things that are gruesome, this year blood splatters and bloody hand prints. If he had his way we would leave the halloween store with all the animated scary movie characters we could fit in the SUV. We unpack the crates of decorations and supplies, lay it all out and spend the next day & a half decorating. Hope you have a safe and bootacular halloween, I must now start planning for Christmas!