Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hilary and her new shoes

This morning I took Hilary to get new shoes, expensive fabulous shoes ! Who's Hilary you ask...Hilary is my SUV, she is a Hummer and she is Fantastic. (now talk among yourselves and laugh at the irony Hilary,Hummer . Yes I'm referring to the Clinton scandal)

Before you judge too much, no I'm not a middle age balding man trying to compensate for a small penis by driving a Hummer and I'm not trying to ruin the environment...I recycle, I bring my bags to the grocery store, we use windsource for our electricity, and Hilary is American made! I might be a bit defensive but she's truly wonderful. From the moment I first saw her I felt as if Hilary was made just for me. Although people can barely see me over the steering wheel, I'm 5'2", Hilary and I are perfect for each other.

Back to Hilary's new shoes, they may not be Christian Louboutin's but they are BF Goodrich's in a beautiful matte black nubby rubber, they give her a bounce in her step, elongate her legs, and give her a new found confidence that we women understand...nothing feels as good as the perfect shoe. Tomorrow to complete Hilary's new look we head to the car wash I mean spa, body polish, mani/pedi & massage.

Look out for the shiny,more confident Hilary...she'll be unstoppable!!!

warm sunny wishes !!!


TrailerTrashQueen said...

HAHA! I love it. I would totally drive one of those- but it would be muddied in no time!

Anonymous said...

I love it! The Hillary the Hummer joke is too funny! I love that you drive a hummer, the thought of cute little you driving Hillary, brings me joy!

Anonymous said...

So funny!

Red Lipstick Style said...

So cute! My love is Lexie the Lexus SUV; I couldn't part with her after I bought the Prius; there was no way I was going to trade her in, so now I have both. I found your blog via Shasta's!

Brittany said...

Fun! I drive a Hummer too and I get funny looks all the time..I guess people think girls aren't allowed to drive em! You'll have to show us how Hilary looks after her day at the spa! :)